Patient Testimonials

 – A. Norton

“Botched” No More!!! It’s hard to express the gratitude that I feel for what Dr. Neimkin has done for me. In September of 2015, I had a “botched” facelift, brow lift, blepharoplasty and upper blepharoplasty revision. This was done by a very reputable doctor. I then had 4 additional surgical procedures by another doctor who only works on faces and specializes in the eye area in an attempt to correct all the issues that were created by the original surgery. No only did my issues remain, they got worse over time.
Before going to Dr. Neimkin, I consulted with two other surgeons who told me that “nothing could be done.” At this point in my life, I had altered my lifestyle completely, declining social occasions and other situations that I normally would have attended. My confidence was at rock bottom. At 55, I was living a reclusive life. I knew that I had to do something. I was ready to go anywhere in the country and pay whatever I must to get my “face” back. During my internet research, I discovered that I needed a doctor who did what is called “revisional” surgery. I found Dr. Neimkin.
Upon our first meeting, I was so impressed by how warm and caring and “down to earth” Dr. Neimkin was. He explained to me, in detail, at our very first meeting exactly what needed to be done. He was confident, while still being humble and one of the nicest, most pleasant people one could ever hope to meet. I decided to “roll the dice” one more time. I didn’t dare to hope for the outcome that I received. I am BEYOND THRILLED with what he accomplished!!! If you, like me, have had a very bad result from a previous surgery, Dr. Neimkin is your doc! If you have not been “botched”, save yourself a world of heartache and expense and go to Dr. Neimkin FIRST.

Verified Google Review – Jan. 2019

T Cook 

Dr. Neimkin, did a fantastic job on both my eyes performing surgery to eliminate an ectropion condition, eyelid turned outward away from the eyeball, as well as eliminating the horrible puffy bags under each eye. I am very happy with all aspects of Dr. Neimkin’s performance and his thoughtful attention to my eye needs. I face life each day with more confidence due to his wonderful skills and talents to perform such delicate operations.

Verified Google Review – December 2019

P B -Henry

I just went in for a consultation. The ladies at the front desk where extremely nice, and made me feel comfortable right away, even though I was running late. Excellent customer service! Dr. Neimkin was super nice, and very personable.
He explain to me exactly what I need to have done, and did not try to “over sale”. He was very honest, and I felt very confident with his decision. All of this from a consultation! I will definitely recommend EyelidATL to all of my friends & family.

Verified Google Review – Nov. 2018

L Nezhat

Dr. Neimkin removed a suspicious area on my husband’s eyelid this morning. He was careful, confidant and thorough and made sure my husband was comfortable and relaxed during the delicate procedure. His staff was friendly, cheerful and professional and promptly followed up with prescriptions and after care. We highly recommend Dr. Neimkin.

Verified Facebook Review – November 2018

T Cork

Dr. Neimkin, The BEST! you can trust what he tells you. He will treat you like family! His talents, training, skills are superb as he performed surgery on my ectropion condition, lower eyelids pulling away from the eyeballs, and eliminated my large puffy bags under each eye making me look years younger! I face the world now with much more confidence in my appearance. I highly recommend this fine young doctor!!!!!

Verified Facebook Review – November 2018

J Sylve 

I had a wonderful experience very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Neimkin answered all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend his services. Happy with product choice I was able to see instant results.

Verified Google Review – August, 2018

L Miller

Thank you Dr Neimkin & your wonderful staff for making me look 10 yrs younger! In and out, and made me feel comfortable during my procedure. I’m Glad I found you!

Verified Google Review – August 2018

B Lorenzo

I highly recommend Dr. Neimkin! Great skill, warm, kind & caring. The staff also reflects the same qualities.

Verified Facebook Review – August 2018

G Hardigree

I recently saw Dr. Neimkin for Botox and had a great experience. I have have been getting Botox for years, but this is the first time I didn’t feel “upsold” or pressured into getting more. Dr. Neimkin assessed my needs, then gave his honest opinion of what he felt I needed and what he felt I could pass on. It’s the most natural my face has ever looked and the fine lines on my forehead are gone!
On a side note, his office is super clean and friendly, which made the experience all the more inviting. I’ll definitely be back.

Verified Google Review – August 2018

G Robertson

Dr. Neimken did a fantastic job on my Botox shots. It turned out very natural looking. The staff and office was so clean neat and professional. I plan to tell all my friends about this procedure. At first I was apprehensive at first but once I got in the office all of the hesitancy went away. Dr. Neimken made me very happy.

Verified Google review – August 2018

A Doan

I was referred to Dr. Neimkin by a friend. He is very personable and professional. Dr. Neimkin did a great job in listening to my concerns. He thoroughly addressed all my issues and made me feel very comfortable before undergoing the procedure. I am very happy with my results. I highly recommend Dr. Neimkin!

Verified Google Review – July 2018

A Wending

Dr. Neimkin is great, friendly, and highly skilled. He carefully listened to me explain exactly what kind of results I was looking for, and delivered on them. I would highly recommend him.

Verified Google Review – July 2018

Hani P.

Great doctor! Very professional and easy to get along with. Very happy with my results. Highly recommend to my family, friends, and anyone looking for an eyelid specialist.

Verified Google review – July 2018

J Button 

Dr. Neimkin is an amazing doctor. I have seen him once for Botox on my forehead. I was nervous but Dr. Neimkin eased my nerves and thoroughly explained the process. He was friendly and professional while achieving great results. I am extremely happy with the results of my Botox and plan on seeing him as a regular patient.

Verified Google Review – July 2018

P Rayudu

I’ve seen Dr. Neimkin multiple times for procedures. He is one of the most kind, friendly doctors I have interacted with. The office staff is helpful and I never have to wait more than a few minutes to be seen. I’ve been very happy with my results and plan to continue to see him for many years to come!

Verified Google Review – July 2018

C Byers

The office is beautiful and Dr. Neimkin is fantastic. He is personable and listens to the desires of the patient while offering suggestions to help achieve your desired results.

Verified Facebook Review – June 2018

K Coveney – Jan. 2018

Verified Google Review

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